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HIP Flooring St Neots


In many cases we find that before any sanding work starts some kind of repair will need to be carried out.

Repairs can range from replacing damaged floorboards, replacing rotten joists or providing additional supports to the substructure. Where traditional floorboards such as pine are required we source reclaimed timber from reputable reclamation yards. The most common repairs on parquet floors is where over time they have de-bonded from the subfloor and require fixing back with suitable adhesive.


The filling of gaps between floorboards especially on ground floors where traditional non tongue and grooved boards are installed is a common job for us. For the small gaps, resin mixed with sawdust can be used and larger gaps can be filled with tapered slivers which as glued and hammered into place and then levelled off during sanding.

Above are just a few examples of the type of repairs that can be carried out, as it is not possible to list all of them, please do get in contact and we can advise further.

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