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HIP Flooring St Neots


The vast majority of our business is the full sand and sealing of wooden floors.


Wooden floors are well known for their durability and with the knowledge and the correct procedures used, we can transform tired and wooden floors for a small proportion of replacing them. What we mean by the term "sand and seal" is fully sanding a wooden floor and treating it with a suitable coating that best accommodates the usage.


We only use up to date machinery that is regularly serviced and most importantly keeps dust to an absolute minimum.

There are many floor finishes on the market including solvent based polyurethanes, water based polyurethanes, hardwax oils, natural oils and wood lyes etc. We will talk you through the different finishes available and between us we will choose the most suitable.

If the client just requires the flooring to be stained a different colour we are happy to do this and can achieve it by using suitable stains/lyes coloured oils etc.

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