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Wooden Floor Services in Cambridgeshire

We are a family run business based in Cambridgeshire specialising in professional wood floor sanding, repair and maintenance, covering mainly Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire and surrounding areas including parts of North and Northwest London.

We offer:

Wooden Floor Sanding

Wooden floors are well known for their durability and with the knowledge and the correct procedures used, we can transform tired and wooden floors for a small proportion of replacing them. What we mean by the term "sand and seal" is fully sanding a wooden floor and treating it with a suitable coating that best accommodates the usage.

We only use up to date machinery that is regularly serviced and most importantly keeps dust to an absolute minimum.

There are many floor finishes on the market including solvent based polyurethanes, water based polyurethanes, hardwax oils, natural oils and wood lyes etc. We will talk you through the different finishes available and between us we will choose the most suitable.

If the client just requires the flooring to be stained a different colour we are happy to do this and can achieve it by using suitable stains/lyes coloured oils etc.

Wooden Floor Maintenance

The ongoing maintenance of a wooden floor with any coating will normally involve what we term a "scrub and seal".

During this process the floor is mechanically cleaned using a suitable scrubber drier type machine which only leaves a thin residue behind which quickly evaporates. We have 2 machines one for domestic/small areas and the other for the larger commercial halls.

The cleaning products used will depend on what the floor has been treated with in the past. For example a village hall floor that has been maintained with a polish will need to be first cleaned with a solution of a stripping agent, to breakdown the polish, then a neutralising agent to ensure a good adhesion to the top up coating.

Before the final coating (lacquer/oil/polish etc) is applied the floor is first abraded/lightly sanded to ensure optimum adhesion.

Wooden Floor Repairs

In many cases we find that before any sanding work starts some kind of repair will need to be carried out. Repairs can range from replacing damaged floorboards, replacing rotten joists or providing additional supports to the substructure. Where traditional floorboards such as pine are required we source reclaimed timber from reputable reclamation yards. The most common repairs on parquet floors is where over time they have de-bonded from the subfloor and require fixing back with suitable adhesive. The filling of gaps between floorboards especially on ground floors where traditional non tongue and grooved boards are installed is a common job for us. For the small gaps, resin mixed with sawdust can be used and larger gaps can be filled with tapered slivers which as glued and hammered into place and then levelled off during sanding. Above are just a few examples of the type of repairs that can be carried out, as it is not possible to list all of them, please do get in contact and we can advise further.


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