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Why get your wooden floor sanded and sealed?

Last week we completed a very satisfying floor sand and seal on an old, tired wooden floor.

The result has totally changed the feel of the entire room. It feels fresh, modern, and more open. Photos are at the bottom of this post!

So, if you're a Cambridgeshire based business or home, why should you get your wooden floor sanded and sealed?

Removes signs of wear and tear

Feet, furniture, and temperature changes all add wear and tear to your floor. Sanding and sealing removes the top layer of damage and replaces it with a brand new shine. Like getting a whole new floor!

Reduces splinters and pests

Overtime your floorboards start splitting and separating. Sanding the floor reduces the possibility of splinters as it removes the old dry, worn top layer. A new seal makes sure the gaps between the floorboards are closed, which equals less pests!

Increases value of home

All wooden floors need work eventually, so putting it off leaves it to the next owner. Wow them by improving the room with a beautiful new wooden floor.

Reinstates home's original character

Overtime, various work on a wooden floor can alter a home's original character. A lot of buyers look for the original flooring, properly looked after - especially in older and character properties. A sand and seal will slough away any old lacquer, paints and damage, and replace with a new seal that compliments your home.

Easier to clean

Imagine having a nice, shiny surface to glide across rather than dirt and debris getting stuck to the old, dry surface of the wood. Heaven!

Would a new floor sand and seal suit your home or business?

We have over 20 years experience of wood flooring in both a technical and practical capacity. Join our hundreds of other local clients who have benefitted from our experience over the years.

Email: Tel: 07928 819763

And here are the very satisfying images from the job last week..


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